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The decision to stay is something that consumers will do when consumers know a product and
decide to buy the product. Online reviews are a type of marketing communication in digital media
that cannot be controlled by the company’s internal parties. There are also other media where
only to provide ratings and reviews, for example Tripadvisor. Customers can use these reviews as
information to help make decisions easier. Of course, with positive reviews from customers, it will
increase the hotel rating on Tripadvisor. Most of the guests or travelers who want to stay at a
hotel, that person will definitely see a review of the hotel he will stay. This research was conducted
at the Hotel Cambridge Medan which is located at street S.Parman No. 217 Medan. This survey
uses a quantitative method using an observation data collection method and a questionnaire
(questionnaire). Second, the validation test results for variables X and Y are valid because rcount>
rtable 0.220. It's important to note that TripAdvisor's online review variables influence your stay
decisions.Results based on this research, it is suggested that Hotel Cambridge Medan pay
attention to and use online reviews as a form of marketing to attract potential buyers.



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