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The aim of the research is to examine how much influence the purchasing role in the
procurement of goods in the kitchen department at Hotel Khas Parapat where the purchasing
role is the Independent Variables on the procurement of goods in the kitchen department as the dependent variable at Hotel Khas Parapat. This research used the quantitative approach using
secondary evidence in the form of purchase request (PR), purchase order (PO) and invoice or proof of purchase of goods. Data collecting technic used are documenting and using quantitative descriptive analysis technique through the method of a simple regression, hypothesis testing and determination coefficient test. The analysis results using the help of SPSS version 29, it is known that the role of purchasing affects the procurement of goods in the kitchen department with an adjustment value of 0.779 or 77.9%. According to the research results, the
writer can summarize that the purchasing role in the provision of goods conducted at Hotel
Khas Parapat is in the category of sufficient influence and is said to be good, it is expected to
be more careful and follow the standard operational procedure (SOP) that applies in procuring
goods at Hotel Khas Parapat to better ensure that the request for goods from the department
that orders the item is in line with what is required.

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