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Kezia Christine Nainggolan. NIM: 191450121. The Influence of Organizational Culture on Employees Work Motivation at Le Polonia Hotel and Convention Medan. Final Project. Hotel Management Study Program, Medan Tourism Polytechnic. 2023.

Organizational culture is organizational instrument that is able to establish the achievement of company activities and success in the long term. The purpose of this research is to find out how much influence it has. The writer sum up that organizational culture is very important in order to motivate employees to achieve company goals. This study using a descriptive quantitative approach with a sample of 54 employees. Data collection techniques were through out by interviews, questionnaires, observation, and also literature studies.Then the results of the coefficient of determination test explained that the regression test carried out obtained an R squared value of 0.77 or in a percentage of 62.3%. This concludes that the variable of employees work motivation is influenced by organizational culture variable with a percentage of 77.7%. That shows that organizational culture give a positive influence to employees work motivation at Le Polonia Hotel Medan.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Work Motivation.

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