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This research was conducte using primary and secondary data where the data obtaine directly and with descriptive methods,namely the method by factual and accurate description of the fact of the variables studied. With a datacollection system using interview,observation and documentation media,to find out how the role of the Hotel Sibayak Internasional Berastagi is in maintaining the occupacy rate and the number of hotel visitors,during the covid-19 pandemic on the occupancy rate at the Sibayak Internasional Berastagi Hotel.The interview techniqe is carried out directly to the relevant resource person or person who will be asked for their opinion.Thedirect nterview is carried out at the Sibayak Internasional Hotel Berastagi.The tool used is an interview with 2 samples of research result from interviews it was found that the impact of covid-19 on the occupancy rate at the hotel Before and after the pandemic


Impact of Covid Occupancy

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