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This research was conducted with the aim of knowing the effect of transformational leadership on the performance of the f&b department employees at Cambridge Hotel Medan. This research is motivated by the covid -19 pandemic situation which demands changes in the business sector, and in this case it takes a leader who has a vision and uses it to change members of the organization. In this case, members are inspired, believe and believe in the benefits and value of their work to achieve a common goal. From the questionnaire data obtained, it was then processed with SPSS Ver 22 software. SPSS resulted in a value of 66.0%. While the rest is influenced by other factors outside this research. Based on the results of the T test as a partial test, it can be concluded that transformational leadership has a positive and significant effect on employee performance.

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Amalia, I. S. (2022). Pengaruh Kepemimpinan Transformasional Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan F&B Department di Cambridge Hotel Medan . Jurnal Online Mahasiswa, 1(1), 64–77. Retrieved from